Pro Natura & Healty Living

International Institute
Research and Development
for human being, animal, plant and environment

Association to support natural life
according to association law 2002 BGBL. I. No. 66/2002

1. Chairperson: Helmut Rampler (managing director)
2. Chairperson: Maragrita Kokoschinegg (director)
3. Chairperson: Margit  Schenzer (director)

Secretary: Mag. Carmen Collini

Cashier:  Karin Rampler


For the philosophy of Pro Natura & Gesund Leben
the following principles are adopted:

"Let your food be your medicine!" Hippocrates, Physican

"The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything." Louis Pasteur, French biologist, microbiologist and chemist

Health hazards through unhealthy food!
Günter A. Ulmer, preventionist and author

mediFood for healthyLiving

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Aims and objectives of the institute

The aim of the institute is to support the ideas and visions as well as research for the return back to natural living for plants, animals, human beings and environment, in accordance with ethic principles.

Nature and its surroundings are the main focus of the institute. Its aim is to conserve substances, objects and procedures related to nature in its original form. Chemical denaturation and genetically modified organism contradict the aim of the institute.

Within this framework of the association there are cooperations with existing institutes, universities, associations and self help organisations for obtaining better competences for the holistic image regarding plant protection, keeping of animals/ animal protection, food production, consumer information (nutrition, health care, naturopathy, hygiene).

Through the institute “Pro Natura & Gesund Leben” International a network is build up with countries such as global. It is beneficial for human beings in the field of science, agriculture, food and semi luxury food industry, doctors, pharmacies, therapists, self help organisations, politics, who, for the purpose of health, want to take responsibility for the well being of human beings, animals and plants, show alternatives, use and support them.

The objective of the institute is to form a society, which integrates and preserves nature as well as an economic system, where all living beings and species on earth are highly respected and where problem solving is precipitated through joint venture of all interested persons.

We support and help needy people, who are partly excluded from a lawful health care, in the form of charity, donations, sponsoring and foundations.

The main points of the associations are subdivided into the following areas:

Human being and health:

Information about causes, coherences, ethics and the origin of illnesses of civilization, long-term illnesses, cancer and so forth in coherence with nutrition, medicine, life style, job, school and sport.

Drinking water and waste water:

Treatment of drinking water and waste water on biological basis. Research and development of harmless alternatives for the protection of the health of human being, animal, plant and environment.

Air hygiene:

Room air and surface hygiene in household, industry and agriculture without products, which endanger health as well as climate.

Soil and plants:

The aim of the institute is to support the ideas and visions as well as research for the return back to natural living for plants, animals, human beings and environment, in accordance with ethic principles.

Nature and its surroundings are the main focus of the institute. Its aim is to conserve substances, objects and procedures related to nature in its original form. Chemical denaturising and genetically modified organism contradict the aim of the institute.

Waste and disposal:

Treatment of waste in the form of industrial liquid manure, sludge, biological waste, compost as well as the use of alternative commercial and industrial cleaning procedures as well as in hospitals and households.

Animal and species protection:

Animal feeding and animal health (alternatives for the avoidance of antibiotic-resistances) with natural concepts and products.

A few guiding principles of the Pro Natura & Gesund Leben philosophy forhuman being, animal, plant and environment

1.) Healthy soil – healthy nutrition – healthy human being

Every responsible human being knows the significance of a fertile and healthy soil. One of the most urgent tasks of the future is to attain a fertile and healthy soil and to do everything to revitalise degenerated soil. Dr. Fritz Caspari says that “fertilization does not mean to feed the plant, but to make the soil vital”.

It is also worth mentioning what the environment minister in Brazil, who also has the honorary doctor at BOKU; Josè A. Lutzenberger, has shown in his book “More energy development instead of degradation of soil”.

2.) Nutrition and health

The Greek philosopher and doctor Hippocrates said „Your food should be your medicine“ and „Your medicine should be your food”.

This wise philosopher and physicist recognized that selected nutrition can help to relinquish or minimise medicine and some illnesses. Hippocrates also said that lactic acid in the body takes effects and even, that it can normalize the metabolism of the ill person.

The basic principles of a healthy nutrition were explained by the nutritionist and pioneer Are Waerland in his Waerland-lifestyle system.

We don’t deal with illnesses, but with mistakes in our lifestyle. Eliminate those and the illnesses will disappear by themselves.

One does not heal an illness, but one can heal an ill body through the change of lifestyle.

3.) Our life-chapter HEALTH

Günter A. Ulmer, preventionist, author and publisher with his own publishing house, engaged himself in his role as “preventionist” with topics such as nutrition, environmental stress and positive life attitude for decades and holds seminars on these topics. In the course of his intensive investigations and contacts to holistically oriented nutritionists he discovered and developed new products. He also collaborated actively in the research and development of the SOJALL „mediFood for healthyLiving“ concept, especially the SOJALL-foods, which are processes with the KEIMO- bzw.FERMENTA-FOOD fermentation through lactic acid fermentation.

Conclusion: SOJALL-products, which are fermented through the KEIMO- bzw. FERMENTA-FOOD method, are no food supplements, dietary products, remedies or medicaments. They are simply “foods”, which are consumed in small amounts. They can be a natural support in terms of nutritional physiology during pregnancy or in the case of disorders in metabolism (e.g. arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, illnesses of liver, kidneys, gall, gastro internal diseases, rheumatism, gout, bronchitis, tumours, cancer and so forth). In line with the “mediFood for healthyLiving” concept SOJALL-products can be taken instead of diets or synthetic food supplements in consultation with the doctor.

4.) “Schach dem Krebs” – "keeping cancer in check"

The book “Schach dem Krebs” – “keeping cancer in check” intends to spread the awareness about cancer to people from all walks of life (people from science, research and lay people).

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Johannes Kuhl and colleges observed that non-cancerous tumours entirely disappeared through the use of lactic acid and fermented food in isopatic form (smallest amounts). They set the quantity of food intake on the advice of a professor of medicine to normalize the disturbed energy metabolism of the ill person.

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Johannes Kuhl said that if the person who suffers from cancer is obstructed from oxidation for the recovery and healing, we can help, if we make smallest therapeutic amounts of lactic acid (see KEIMO- bzw. FERMENTA-FOOD) in line with the isopatic principle or successfully interfere in the mentioned chain of causes through other methods. All these methods must be directed towards the recovery of the cancerous metabolism and must stop the development of further toxic amounts of lactic acid in body tissue. All measures, which are orientated toward the elimination of the tumour, are only half way (operation) or can be dangerous because of its further damage to the cell respiration and the contamination of the already ill metabolism. The isopatic principle says: “Same is healed through same”. Medicine today also uses dead germs to kill pathogen germs! The isopatic principle can not be scientifically explained at present, but it can be experimentally proved any time. Prof. August Bier, Prof. Hugo Schulz did that.

5.) Avoidance of resistances against antibiotics

Circumspect use of antibiotics is vital! “The microbe is nothing, the environmental setting is everything” (Claude Bernard and Louis Pasteur, microbiologist and physicist).

The capability of antibiotics to heal formerly deadly infectious illnesses lead to the belief, that they had “miracle powers”, which were beyond their real pharmacological qualities. In most European countries antibiotics are the most used medicaments after pain killers. Unfortunately we pay a very high price for the use of antibiotics. An exceeding amount of misuse in medicine, veterinary and agriculture lead to a fast increase of prevalence of medicament resistant micro organisms. In fact many of the former antibiotics are today either ineffective or more unreliable compared with the former ones. Resistance against penicillin for example – in former times the chosen therapy against infections with the Staphylococcus aureus – is very common in many countries. Antibiotic resistance develops through the transmission of genetically resistant attributes between bacteria of the same or different kind. Generally speaking: The more a specific antibiotic is used, the higher is the risk of occurrence of resistances against it, which makes the medicament increasingly useless. To avoid such resistances, new antibiotics with similar, but not identical qualities were developed, which were effective until resistances against these medicaments occurred and spread.

An alternative for the preventive protection against antibiotic resistances could be “activated salt saline” with dynamic water,- silicon – and gemstone oscillation through a natural regulation of the environmental setting. Such a body hygiene products is successfully being tested in different countries at the moment. In Tanzania for example fungal infections on the tongue and mouth were relieved within a very short time. Also in the case of skin infections on people suffering from AIDS, positive effects were noticeable. According to the doctors a high prevalence potential for the protection against antibiotic resistances will be generated in future.

The Pro Natura & Gesund Leben institute supports the knowledge and experience of many scientists as well as practitioners and is also endeavours, that more physicians, veterinary doctors, chemists, naturopaths as well as experts in all areas such as nutritional science, agriculture (agronomy, animal keeping) engage themselves in this network with words and deeds. It’s a matter of the well being of human being, animal, plant and environment in a limitless and global dimension.