Helmut Rampler

initiator, co-founder, supporter and president
institute „Pro Natura & Gesund Leben“


30 years of research and development for the health of humans, animals, plants and environment

For 30 years the nutritionist Helmut Rampler has addresses himself to the task of research and development of alternative SOJALL-products for the health of humans, animals, plants and environmental protection in the framework of his research through SOJALL – Pro Natura GmbH in Oberndorf./Salzburg.

Mr. Rampler aligns his research and development with the teachings of the Greek doctor Hippocrates “Your food should be your medicine” and “The ambience in the body is everything, the bacteria is nothing” Antoine Bechamp, doctor (1816-1908) against all oppositions. Mr. Ramplers work is approved by doctors and therapist regarding his view of the present health and environmental situation and its problems (monopolistic, expensive high-end medicine, strong chemical disinfections). The success of the expensive high-end medicine or surgery depends on a strong immune system. Fermented foods in isopatic form are an essential and valuable support for the immune system. “Nothing is as powerful as a vision, whose time has come” (Victor Hugo).

For all those years there are cooperations and sales partners with many national and international experts and practitioners (in Europe, Asia, Africa, Dom. Republik). Many path breaking developments started at the most important source of food production – agriculture, especially with plant protection, hygiene, liquid manure optimisation (ground water and climate protection), animal health and animal protection. The new product developments are trend-setting because of quality and its improvement, the minimization of costs as well as the health protection for humans, animals and environment. In the area of plant protection the products SOJALL-VITANA and SOJALL-VITANAL plant strengthening and soil appliance were developed for all kinds of plants, fruits and vegetables. These products have the environmental permission (“ÖKO-Zulassung”) for Europe, USA and Japan. It is not necessary to define toxin thresholds as these products are not containing any toxins. As these products are successfully used on organic bananas, the exclusive distribution was assigned to an international partner for South- and Latin America in 2007. Regarding the disinfection of surfaces, compartment air and water the products SOJALL-Desy Clean and SOJALL-Micro top focus on the natural prevention through hygiene. These products take effect on the ambience, that’s why in future one can reduce the conventional chemical disinfections with all its dangers to a minimum (in terms of transport, storage, user- material and environmental protection as well as the danger of epidemics through resistances starting at the food procession till the nurture in hospitals).

In the field of antibiotic-resistances the body hygiene product SOJALL-Pro Life was developed as a result of 10 years research and development in different countries. It contains activated saline, ionic of silicon and gemstone as well as dynamic water. It has a positive effect on the ambience in the body and does not cause resistances against humans or animals. With the use of SOJALL-Pro Life the latent antibiotic-resistance was eliminated within a short time. In the mean time also science has the opinion that antibiotics are weak weapons in the “war” against virus, bacteria and salmonellas. The motto is to protect essential antibiotics through natural preventive measures, not only to reduce side effects but also to safe human lives. A German university found out, that residues of antibiotics were found in field salad and wheat 8 month after the liquid manure distribution! The waiting period for selling milk- and meat products after the treatment of an animal with antibiotics is only a few days or weeks!

In the last year many promising findings were known with SOJALL Pro Life also from China and Tanzania, so that we would like to initiate a global awareness regarding SOS protection against antibiotic-resistances as well as prevention against AIDS in future. Especially in Tanzania effort has to be put it, because effective methods of solutions in the case of skin infections are registered there, which were caused through antibiotic-resistances, incompatibility and partnership-hygiene-methods in the case of HIV-infection as well as fungal infections on the tongue. The advantage of the body-hygiene product SOJALL-Pro Life is that due to its natural components there are almost no restrictions for the general use as stated by doctors and dentists. Especially in countries with high illiteracy, this product is particularly important. It does not need an instruction leaflet, which refers to the usual danger of side effects.

In future SOJALL-Pro Life will be provided free of cost in Tanzania as a long-run charity initiative in cooperation with “Pro Africa”, the hospital in Dar es Salaam as well as self help organisations. All profits from sales, donations, sponsorships and foundations will only be used for children and adults in developing countries. The transactions will be done by the institute “Pro Natura & Gesund Leben” International

Another focus of the research of Helmut Rampler is “healthy nutrition” according to the perception of the Greek doctor Hippocrates “Your food should be your medicine”. A few years ago the concept of SOJALL “medaFood for healthyLiving” was developed. SOJALL “MedaFood for healthyLiving” are all SOJALL-foods, which are processed with the FERMENTA-FOOD fermentation from whole primary cereals such as spelt, oat, barley, wheat germs, wild einkorn, rye as well as buckwheat, soy, girasole and lupines. Once again one is reminded of the wonderful findings of the researcher and doctor Johannes Kuhl (author of varies book, such as “Schach dem Krebs - keeping cancer in check”) and his colleges. His revolutionary findings with dextrogyrated lactic acid from vegetable staple foods in the area of the prevention and treatment of cancer as a supplement to traditional medicine as well as with general illnesses (lipometabolism, diabetes II, blood pressure, digestion, cardiovascular diseases, immune system, rheumatism, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, arthrosis, etc.) improved and prolonged the life of many people and were supported with pioneering spirit in those days.

In the present discussion for the solution of a lasting health reform one can not only talk about whether and how much money is available for the funding of high-tech medicine. One will not be able to get this situation under control with money alone.

The SOJALL “medaFood for healthyLiving“ concept can make a valuable contribution to health care. It consists of general medicine, high-tech medicine and complementary medicine, homeopathic and the KEIMO- FERMENTA-FOOD fermentation with its special SOJALL-foods, which contain lactic acid and are given in isopathic form (smallest amounts).

In the mean time „Pro Natura & Gesund Leben“ International develops holistic concepts for the lasting health care in cooperation with doctors, dentists, chemists, alternative practitioners and nutritionists. These concepts are very successfully used in practise. In Salzburg Dr. Margarita Kokoschinegg, a doctor of holistic medicine, who is also working in the board of directors in the institute, has perennial experience in the area of KEIMO FERMENTA-FOOD fermentation as well as with the body hygiene product SOJALL Pro Life. She is a coordinator for doctors and chemists.

The dentist Dr. Geza Lakos in Munich has been using SOJALL-Pro Life for years with all surgical aftertreatments, no matter whether it is about an extracted wisdom tooth, an implant or for the benefit of the bone structure. Therefore the healing of implants without antibiotics was not only faster but almost painless. These findings show, what in future can be expected from this product for the prevention of antibiotic resistances. All SOJALL-products can be purchased from doctors or pharmacies.

Also an initiative “ KEIMO- FERMENTA-FOOD for people with cancer is intended, likewise in cooperation with doctors, pharmacies and patients on our network of the institute „Pro Natura & Gesund Leben International“. A platform or network should be generated to communicate a variety of perceptions to therapist as well as patients in connection with high-tech and complementary medicine, homeopathic and the essential alternatives for the strengthening of the immune system.

The provision of high-tech medicine for all patients for the maintenance of health should not fail because of the high costs as mentioned above. As long as one can afford the “luxury” to set valuable alternatives aside unwittingly or deliberately, the financial collapse can not be avoidable. There are vast reserves, which should be used immediately, to improve and speed up the process of the therapy and the healing success. Also the high-tech medicine could benefit regarding the efficiency and cost minimization. One could provide high-tech medicine to a larger number of people without the need to search for sources of capital, which are not available for real. The human being has to be judged as a whole in the course of an illness and has to be introduced to an effective healing therapy; money alone is not enough to improve health. There cannot be a monopoly on health if it doesn’t meet one's expectations and deny alternatives at the same time.

The previous findings and the interest of universities in research (doctoral candidates) according to the Pro Natura & Gesund Leben philosophy in association with the contribution of medical science conclude that one can achieve the goal together only. It has to be started with the research for a cause and its minimizations!

This invaluable knowledge and experiences have been the life-task of the “holistic researcher” Helmut Rampler for two decades. He hopes that the holistic research can again achieve its essential significance in these days (in case of disease of civilization, cancer, suffering, environmental damages and financial collapses in health care). With it the present accomplishments of the general and high-tech medicine as well as the medical technology through “life substances” could be supported more effectively for the benefit of the all. As long as it is not allowed to reach a level and sincerity, there will not be a lasting health and agriculture reform.,

Helmut Rampler, president,